Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN Par Robert Venditti (2013)

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Description du Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN

Telecharger Livre En Ligne Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN PDF FB2 IBook - Percy arrive au pensionnat de Westover Hall en compagnie d'Annabeth et Thalia. Au cours de la soirée, il retrouve son ami Grover, le satyre et fait la connaissance du professeur Thorn. À la vue du comportement de celui-ci vis-à-vis de deux enfants, Bianca et Nico di Angelo, son sang ne fait qu’un tour et le voilà engagé à sa poursuite. Percy et ses amis se retrouvent face à un horrible manticore ! Ils n'auront la vie sauve que grâce à l’intervention de la déesse Art...

Détails sur le Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN

Titre de livre : 344 pages
Auteur : Robert Venditti
Éditeur : Puffin Books
Catégorie : Satire
ISBN-10 : 1423145518
Moyenne des commentaires client : 3.6 étoiles sur 5 5 commentaires client
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Commentaire Critique du Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN

GRAOULLIVRES a écrit une critique à 09 janvier 2016. GRAOULLIVRES donne la cote 5 pour Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN. A thrilling adventure, filled with circumlocutions, established of mythical and fantastical magic, will know satisfy your envies ! Rick Riordan is an American writer. He comes from Texas. He received three Nobel prize including that of Edgar-Allan-Poe in 1999. He writes books into the fantasy genre. He signs most of the time saga with about four books. One objective in head for Percy Jackson : achieve his quest by raising the challenges of the Gods of the Olympe. He is going to have to realize the impossible to avoid the oracle's bad prediction. He can change the course of history and play the ultimate card, him Poseidon's son. This book will plunge you in the Greek's world, the fantasy and the adventure but you will not drown yourselves that of pleasure ! You will follow the fabulous Percy, the beautiful Annabeth, the protector Grover and others in this world which will make you dream. This track race sports in feelings will transport you until the Mixed-Blood's camp. These are half-gods, born from the affair between a God and a mortal. They are trained in this basis to protect the Earth of a God's revolt. This comics is a success ! Thanks to the pictures and to the style's speech, this book is open-readers. It is easy to understand and we take care of the spectacular of the frame of the history. I really liked a lot this book. We feel at once taken in the story's atmosphere with the characters which we can even become identified. They have a real character. The story keep me turning the pages. It really occupies a special place in my bookcase. Do not hesitate to read the five original books and to watch the two movies. In the same kind of the story, you are gonna enjoy the Narnia's saga too. Good reading ! Marion. + Lire la suite.
noslecturescontrairesmeze a écrit une critique à 26 janvier 2016. noslecturescontrairesmeze donne la cote 5 pour Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN. J'aime beaucoup ce livre car j'aime la mythologie grecque et j'ai lu ce livre en version roman et c'est exactement les images que j'avais imaginée ..
ReadinginRheims a écrit une critique à 17 décembre 2015. ReadinginRheims donne la cote 5 pour Percy Jackson, Tome 3 : LE SORT DU TITAN. The book is about Percy going on a quest but there are many obstacles on his way. He finds himself a few friends but also enemies, which is great, because you're not a so-called hero if you don't have people that wishes to kill you. I can't say that I liked or disliked the book because it left me quite indifferent. I liked the fight scenes but the rest of it was kind of not so cool. The drawings were great, even though it's not my kind of draws. The details were also great, and the shadow work was awesome. Andrea. First, I was worried because, often, when a comic is adapted from a book, it’s worse than the original version. But I was impressed because the story is here, I mean, completely! There are just a few events missing. And the drawings are good too. So, let’s talk about the story. For those who didn’t know, Percy Jackson is the hero in a saga of ten books. Percy Jackson is a demi-god. He is the son of Poseidon and a mortal. He chooses the half-blood side to be with people like him. In this book, Percy has to rescue his friend Annabeth from a Titan named Atlas. He will be helped by Grover, who is a satyr, and some of Artemis’s huntress. The author uses the Greek mythology to write his stories but all the myths and legends take place in the USA today. Finally, I want to warn you that if you saw the movie, forget it! Read the books! They are better and very interesting. Alexis. + Lire la suite.